Our Company “ZAPS” was founded in the wilderness, more specifically the West Kootenay’s of British Colombia, Canada. Bears are the largest pest, both Grizzly and Black Bears but everything from ravens to squirrels and domestic dogs and even deer can become habituated to human made environments and the attractants that they produce.

These animals that become aggressive have become this way because they are habituated; use to the presents of people. They are attracted to human habitations because there is something that they want like a delectable vegetable garden or a lush lawn, ripe fruit trees, open unsecured garbage or some other attractant.

We have witnessed habituated bears eating out of people’s hands or becoming overly aggressive to passersby that have gotten too close to a stolen garbage can. Both are dangerous situations for the people involved and usually end in tragedy for the animal. This is avoidable by using common sense and a few deterrents.

The Jolt is a Bear proof and pest proof garbage can deterrent that will teach wild and domestic animals that trash is simply a bad experience. We have all been playing hide and seek with our trash, freezing garbage with our food, or hiding it in basements, porches or garages. Eventually a door gets left open and rodents and even bears will take advantage of that opportunity which can often lead to human-animal confrontations or at a minimum a huge mess to clean up.

The Jolt is the ultimate solution. Put your garbage where you want it, away from your family and their living spaces and Bear and pest proof it with a Jolt. Animals that come into contact with the Jolt will instantly be repelled and often will not return, ever.

Do the responsible thing, Bear proof and pest proof your trash with a Jolt and let’s stop animal/human food conditioning in its tracks!

At ZAPS it is our mission to find ways to deter the food conditioning of animals, both wild and domestic, safely, from man made sources.


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ZAPS | Bear Deterrent