Are Pulse Electrical Deterrents Safe?

Yes, Jolt was created with safety as our number one priority. The voltage being sent through the wires is high, but the current or amplification (amps) is very low. A 220-volt shock will hurt just as much as a 10,000-volt shock, as long as the current or amps are the same. Amps are what harm the most. Electric fence energizers put out high voltage 3000 to 8000 volts, but very low amperage or current, around 120 milliamps. This is 120-thousands of an amp. It should not even harm a mouse.

This output is made safe in two ways, firstly by releasing the flow of electrons from the capacitor in regular pulses of high voltage but very low amperage. The amperage component of the electrical charge is greatly reduced to figures in the range of 15 – 500 milliamps. (The majority of units operate in the 100-150milliAmp range).

Secondly the electrical energy pulses through the wires. This means once every second for about 1/300th of a second it sends a pulse of electricity down the line. The reason for the pulsating current is that if the wires are touched and deliver a shock, whatever touches it has a chance to remove itself. If the current did not pulse (like most electrical appliances -  hair dryer, radio, toaster, etc.), then whatever touched it would continue to be shocked and the muscles will react in a “grabbing effect” making it difficult to let go until the power was disconnected or something pried them off.

Compare this with two other scenarios.

  1. Static Electricity when you touch a door, about 30,000 volts at 5 milliamps for 1/1000th. of a second, unpleasant but not lasting.
  2. House hold Electricity, 110volts at 15 Amps and constant, unpleasant and regularly causes death.

With low amps and a pulsating current, electrical fencing is a safe product. It is the amperage within the electrical charge and the constant connection that makes electricity dangerous.

What happens if a child touches the Jolt?

If a child touches both the hot and ground wires, they will be shocked. It will hurt for a few seconds, but it will not be debilitating, leave a burn mark or permanently injure them. Because electric fencing has low current and pulsates, it won’t harm or permanently hurt anyone. However it is strongly advised to keep children away from any electric deterrent such as the Jolt.

The Jolt or any electrical appliance that is not intrinsically safe should never be operated in areas where fumes of combustible chemicals such as gasoline, may be present.